What is it like to work in a Dutch company for an expat ?

If you are an expat living and working in The Netherlands, chances are that you found a job quickly, but not in a Dutch company. You might have even moved here because you found a job before leaving your own country. But if you are like me and you just packed your stuff and left, without a job and/or a place to live, you would have had to go through the troubles of finding a job while already living in Holland.

Some of you might even still wonder, what is it like to work in a Dutch company ?


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living in the netherlands without speaking dutch

What it’s like to live in The Netherlands without speaking Dutch

Living in The Netherlands without speaking Dutch, it’s a bit like… like willingly trying to swim without using your legs : it’s not ideal, but you can do it.

Most people will understand that you are trying your best, not only to avoid drowning, but to go as fast as you can. But from time to time, you will encounter someone who will simply ask you to move out of the way ; you just don’t fit in this line, so take your weirdo swim elsewhere. This has just happened to me … again. This post is for all the « fit or leave » people out there.

I’ve got a message for you : DUTCH IS BLOODY HARD TO LEARN !

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