Albert Heijn and the (potentially) killing pan

Are the pans given away by Albert Heijn as part of their « stamps action », harmful ? Birds owners in The Netherlands are convinced of it : there has been many recent reports of pet birds dying after their owners used the pan.

But if it is harmful for birds, then what about the people living in the house, and using the pan ? Some have reported burning eyes feelings.

A toxic substance in the pan coating ?

Many are convinced that the teflon coating in the pan is the culprit, as they claim it would be using toxic substance, normally prohibited.

Two pans enter, one pan leaves!

Albert Heijn of course denies the use of harmful substance in the pans, but say they are investigating to find the source of the problem.

The pans are given away as part of a stamp collection action. To get one, you must have collected 60 stamps from the supermarket. Knowing you get one stamp for every 10 euros you spend, you would need to spend at least 600 euros at AH before getting one. And then of course, pay for the pan. Because with the stamps, you only get a discount.*

Which makes it quite expensive for a possibly harmful pan, if you ask me.

*It turns out that quite a few of the actions organised by Albert Heijn turned out badly at some point. For example, crystal glasses that were in fact not made out of crystal.

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