Who’s that frog?

Hey! I’m Enora, a 20 something French girl who got bored of the homeland and wanted to see if the grass was comfier elsewhere. The truth is: it’s not. It’s not even greener really. But in my quest of the world’s most epic field to roll on, I have come to realize that living abroad, especially living in The Netherlands, is an everyday adventure. A good one, one that’s worth telling about.

I hear your disappointed thoughts : French and frog legs? What a cliché! And yet, I am totally going for it. I’ll even tell you why: that’s the none so secret nickname my British boyfriend (but let’s call him the rosbif, or thedyspraxicchef) has given me. Frog, froggy: that, my dears, is what cheesy pet name is all about.


I’m pretty sure in a past life I was a gold fish because I have the memory of one (although, I could have been an elephant too because I am so clumsy). But in this one, I’ve already been a journalist, a digital marketing apprentice, and a cat lady.

Mostly, I am on the run. I already lived in three kingdoms so far. It all started when I studied journalism. Then life happened. And now I am an expat blogger in The Netherlands.

Five years, four countries, one british lover and one billion slices of cheese later, here I am. Still hopping around.