DOMunder : Utrecht’s secret history

Dom Tower Utrecht

DOMunder, Utrecht – Credit

It’s funny how, sometimes, you think you are so good at something, while the rest of the World believes you are absolutely rubbish at it. For example, I always saw myself as a very observant person… Except for, you know, all those times I walked right past what I was looking for without seeing it. A bus station for example. I guess that’s what one would call being deluded.

However, I am also very good at noticing things that other normal people don’t see. Like a big deer head sculpture on top of a building (Utrecht has many), or a mic suddenly appearing on the right corner of the screen while I’m watching a movie (and that clearly shouldn’t be there). That’s why, when I went to visit the DOMunder in Utrecht and that girl suddenly said « let’s see how well you paid attention on your way here », I thought to myself, « I’m going to nail the answer to the next question ! ».

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