Mythic Quest’s ‘Carol From HR’ Is an Always Sunny Reference

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  • Mythic Quest is different from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, but makes a very hilarious reference to one of Sunny‘s most memorable jokes.
  • It calls back to a Season 4 episode of Always Sunny, “Sweet Dee Has a Heart Attack.”
  • Is there a Carol in HR after all?

    Despite many of the same people being involved in the productions of Mythic Quest and It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Rob McElhenney really wanted his brand new Apple TV+ show and his long-running FXX show to feel entirely different. But, evidently, there was one reference on Mythic Quest to Sunny that he couldn’t help himself but make—and it’s a callback to what might be the most famous sequence in Always Sunny history.

    As fans of Sunny undoubtably remember, a Season 4 episode titled “Sweet Dee Has a Heart Attack” finds Mac and Charlie taking corporate mailroom jobs just to get the health insurance. As always, they mess it up, and it concludes with a highly-caffeinated, chain-smoking, and sleep-deprived Charlie in the midst of a rant in which he’s constantly referring to and ranting about a ‘Carol from HR,’ before he finally draws his own conclusion: “There is no Carol in HR,” he famously says.

    Charlie is not intended to be the brightest bulp, and we’re not at all meant to take him at his word in this moment. However, in McElhenney’s new show, Mythic Quest (on which Charlie Day also executive produces and writes) there is definitively a Carol in HR. The show’s titular company, Mythic Quest, has a Human Resources employee named Carol; the show’s characters frequently show a lack of understanding for her position.

    McElhenney took to Instagram to point the reference out. “Anybody else notice ‘Carol from HR’? #sunny #mythicquest #crossover,” he wrote.

    HR Carol in Mythic Quest is played by Naomi Expergin, a comedian and actress who was previously a writer on Comedy Central’s Broad City.

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