Marvel Directors Respond to Martin Scorsese’s MCU Diss

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Director Martin Scorsese well and truly took his boot to the hornet’s nest this week when he made the assertion that Marvel movies are “not real cinema,” and compared the expansive Marvel Cinematic Universe to a “theme park.” It sparked a backlash among Marvel fans, and a handful of people involved in making the movies have made some comments of their own.

James Gunn, the director of the Guardians of the Galaxy films, took to Twitter to respond to Scorsese’s dismissive remarks. “Martin Scorsese is one of my 5 favorite living filmmakers,” he said. “I was outraged when people picketed The Last Temptation of Christ without having seen the film. I’m saddened that he’s now judging my films in the same way… That said, I will always love Scorsese, be grateful for his contribution to cinema, and can’t wait to see The Irishman.”

Joss Whedon, who directed the first two Avengers movies, also took offence, and cited Gunn’s work in the MCU as exhibit A in the case against Scorsese’s thesis that superhero films don’t hold an emotional or psychological resonance, saying “his heart & guts are packed into GOTG.”

Samuel L. Jackson, who has played S.H.I.E.L.D. director Nick Fury in 10 Marvel movies and counting, had some words for Marty too. Speaking to the press on the red carpet at the opening of Tyler Perry Studios, Jackson said: “I mean that’s like saying Bugs Bunny ain’t funny. Films are films. Everybody doesn’t like his stuff either… Everybody’s got an opinion, so I mean it’s okay. Ain’t going to stop nobody from making movies.”

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