Kevin G. From Mean Girls Celebrates October 3 With Nude Instagram Pic

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Happy October 3rd, dear reader. If you aren’t a fan of Tina Fey’s magnum opus, Mean Girls, this day means nothing to you. If you’re part of the 2004 film’s legion of fans, this is the most hallowed of days to you. The date was mentioned during the film, and it’s unofficially been registered as the day that we celebrate the legendary teen movie.

This year is particularly special because it’s the 15th anniversary of the groundbreaking film. This year also marks the first time that we get to see Kevin G.’s nudes.

Rajiv Surendra played Kevin Gnapoor in Mean Girls, and his character was most notable for being a Mathlete, delivering a particularly humorous rap, and his attempt to hit on Janis at the end of the film.

Now, Surendra will be known for this Mean Girls-anniversary themed nude. Well, semi-nude (Instagram’s content rules and all). “It’s October 3rd. 15 years,” he simply captioned the post, letting his photo speak for itself.

When he’s not taking impressive photos of himself on Instagram, Surendra is also a potter, chalk artist and a published author. He also recently gave his own Ted Talk where he talked about his failed attempt to land the lead role in the 2012 film Life of Pi. The experience taught Surendra the importance of taking risks and following one’s dreams, and he’s turning the ordeal into something positive to inspire others to follow their dreams as well.

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