Dr. Pimple Popper Pops Big Chunky Dilated Pore of Winer in New Video

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  • Dr. Pimple Popper’s latest video is yet another showing the unclogging of a dilated pore of Winer.
  • The 85-year-old patient has a black hole on her back shoulder and the contents, once plucked, look like a chunk of a Tootsie Roll.
  • Dilated pores are the result of hair follicles clogged with keratin and other debris and mostly occur in older individuals.

    Dr. Pimple Popper has been on a dilated pore of Winer binge. In the past month, Sandra Lee MD has posted videos showing of this subtype of blackheads—which expand the boundaries of pores in which they grow—and has uprooted growths of epic, giant, massive and enormous proportions.

    In the video she shared most recently, Lee encounters a dilated pore of Winer on the back shoulder of an 85-year-old patient. It resembles a black hole or an olive lodged in the skin.

    “It’s like a little plug in a faucet!” the TLC host remarks. “Remember those old-school plugs you’d have? Those black plugs?”

    Dr. Pimple Poppers exacts out the mass with a set of tweezers, leaving behind a skin crater the shape of near-perfect circle.

    Dilated pores of Winer are common benign growths, the result of hair follicles clogged with keratin and other skin debris and mostly occur around the head and neck. They are mainly an older person’s ailment, rarely showing up before in individuals younger than 40.

    As Lee offers to show the woman the Tootsie Roll chunk she just pulled out of her back, the patient stammers out a series of “no”s. Chill out, Dr. P; not everyone is a popaholic.

    Watch the video here:

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